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bscenities without caring about his▓ feelings. Sometimes Wang felt so wronged that tea▓rs were welling up in his eyes. "I did want to quit."After some time, however, Wang began to realize that his superior harbored a soft core under ▓a hard shell, defending his deputy in front of impatient villagers and even praising him hi▓ghly in front of municipal officials who came to the village to inspect on college graduate village offici

als. "Wang He did help us a lot. The boy is very capable and gave us a lot of assistance in the village," said the Village Chief, adding that being strict with Wang did not me▓an that he did not appreciate him.Every year, the St▓archy Gallery in London's East Dulwich invites people to take part in their potato contest. And this years the ▓winner is Amy Winehouse, a potato figure of th▓e singer. Now let's take a closer look. It's a

democratic and popular event with very simpl▓e rules.You can fry them, mash them, paint them, or chop them, whichever way you do it, i▓t's all allowed in the celebrity potato contest.In line ▓with recent news events, there are versions of a rather hairless looking Britney Spears, a creation of Oscar winner Helen Mirren, a potato of "Madonna and her spud" and a rather glamorous-looking Kylie Minogue.So why potatoes and not carr

ots or onions? Jo David, owner of Starchy Gallery, had the answer:He said, "I think that there was t▓o some extent a kind of imposed artifi▓cial rule that it has to be a potato and they do k▓ind of lend themselves to be characters. You start to look at one, you can see faces in it already."Entries are voted on by the public and e▓xhibited at Jo David's Space Gallery 65.It might be difficult to choose a favourite amidst all the celebrity potato, but the honor came to young couple Poppy Frost and Thomas Morris with their imitation of Br▓itish singer Amy Winehouse. It took them an entire night to produce the masterpiece. The ▓winner Poppy Frost said, "We love her, we're really big fans▓ of her and we thought it'd be quite funny becau▓se she's quite a lot in the press at the moment as well , we just love her and we're going to send her a photo of it to let her know that she's won the potato competition."The potatoes have a life-span of around 2 weeks at the gallery. For those who want to step by and take a closer look,the gallery will host their potato celebs until March 16.1Anyone for D

a Vinci's Mona Lisa compos▓ed of Chinese cabbage, kelp, celery,▓ tofu, pepper and potatoes? Or a last Supper, lovingl▓y prepared with ginger, radish, tomato, mushrooms,▓ bean curd, seaweed and rape? A Chinese artist is taking the sensual side of food to its ultimate extreme, by recreating Western masterpieces out of vegetables and photographing the results. On today's the List, le▓t's see how the artist chops, slices an▓d eats her representations of the old masters. "▓La Liberte guidant le peuple", or Liberty Leading th▓e People, is a painting by Eugene Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830. It's also th▓e inspiration of Chinese artist Ju Duoqi's "Liberty Leading the Vegetables".Chinese c

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